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The Navigator
The Navigator
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The Navigator

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I am...
The Navigator 

Harness the storm inside

I choose my course and I set the sail; there are many trials ahead.
Much is not within my power, so I focus on what is instead.

I cannot stop the winds from howling, so I harness this powerful force.
I cannot cease the waves from swelling, so I enjoy each one in its course. 

I find joy in the journey more than the destination to which I arrive.
I have a vision that guides me, but I am not directed by my eyes.

Tempests may rage and blind me; they cannot part me from my guide.
My heart is my sextant and compass; I am secure and at peace inside. 

The world is wide around me and there are choices on every side;
but I am the navigator, and where I go, is for me to decide.

Limited Production

1OH1 exclusive shirts are limited to only 101 pieces per product, which makes them a very limited collector's items. When it is gone, it is gone for good.

Certified Authentic Product

Because of its extremely limited production, each 1OH1 product comes with a metal certification tag which is hand-signed by the CEO of the company. Hang it with your shirt, or display it proudly, just don't lose it!

Collector Ranking

If this is your first shirt, congrats! You are one step closer to achieving your "Official Collector" rank. There are 5 collector ranks you can achieve; each one with its own coin. To learn more about collector ranks, click this link...(after you add your shirt to the cart *wink *wink)
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Shirt Composition and Care

All 1OH1 shirts are made of premium quality materials and your satisfaction is guaranteed. This shirt is a super soft and durable 60/40 Cotton/Polyester blend.

Just like any shirt, it can shrink in the dryer. If you like the fit right away, be cautious when drying. To maintain the integrity of your shirt, hang to dry or use low heat, and NEVER IRON DIRECTLY ON THE DESIGN!