The Strategist
The Strategist
The Strategist

The Strategist

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I AM...

I am not a victim of circumstance; my life is by design.
I do not rush the process, I am patient with my time.

I can look into the future, I can see what lies ahead.
Where others see the obstacles, I see the path instead.

I study, plan, and visualize. Preparation is the key.
If you do not prepare, prepare to fail. There will be no victory.

To all who dare to face me, you all share the same fate.
Before you ever move a piece, I've already got checkmate.

Certified Authentic Product

Each 1OH1 product comes with a metal certification tag which is hand-signed by the CEO of the company. Hang it with your shirt, display it proudly, and bring it to one of our events; just don't lose it!

Shirt Composition and Care

All 1OH1 shirts are made of premium quality materials and your satisfaction is guaranteed. This shirt is a super soft and durable 60/40 Cotton/Polyester blend.

Just like any shirt, it can shrink in the dryer. If you like the fit right away, be cautious when drying. To maintain the integrity of your shirt, hang to dry or use low heat. When ironing, be sure to turn it inside out first.