Collector Ranks

How do YOU rank?

When was the last time you had a company recognize you for your loyalty beyond a free smoothie? NEVER! We think that's a load of BS, which is why we created the 1OH1 Exclusive ranking system.

As you collect more shirts, you automatically move up in the ranking system. Every time you rank up, you receive that rank's coin and gain access to rank specific perks. Perks may include access to exclusive events, trips, or influence on upcoming products. 


2nd Shirt   = Official Collector
5th Shirt   = Bronze Collector
10th Shirt = Silver Collector
20th Shirt = Gold Collector
50th Shirt = Diamond Collector

Side note: Collector rankings are based on account and name. You will not get rank increase for gift purchases or duplicate purchases. So, don't by 10 of the same shirt hoping for a rank increase. Basically, you get rank increases for the number of different products you own, not the total number of products. This also applies to gifts. If you are given a shirt you do not already own, reach out to us and we will get that shirt added to your collection on our end.