So what the blazes are we up to now?

Are you a psycho stalker? Good, let me save you some time. This is what we are doing NOW.


Celebrating a successful launch!

That was a long and slow road. But, finally, made it—perseverance baby.

On the hunt for micro-influences that are total studs

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Friendster. All the major socials. Surprisingly hard to find in our market without hitting celebrity territory.

Working on a new shirt design (the strategist)

So pumped about this one! (Photo below) The design has been finalized, and we are working on the last few details

Nothing screams strategy like chess, which is what we used for the inspiration of this design. It is a King piece with a chessboard laid on top of it. 

Working on the Strategist's "Identity Statement" right now. Key characteristics for a strategist are foresight, staying 10 moves ahead of the competition, critical thinking, and planning! Keep your eyes peeled for this one when it becomes available for preorder soon.


Pain in the abs


Pumped to be back in the gym! I have missed heavy lifting way too much.

A fort made of toilet paper

I have been doing a bit of guesting on podcasts recently. It is an awesome medium, and I am falling in love with it!

Getting my butt kicked before I get my butt kicked

Just recently incorporated MMA training into my routine. Learning Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai. The training is kicking my butt, and I haven't even done any sparing yet!